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Basecamp Bushcraft is a course that is designed to promote a sense of wilderness living with others and beyond our basic needs of survival. Students will learn how to build varying means of comfort entirely off the landscape including benches, chairs, and beds. As a class, we will learn how to build instruments such as mallets, sawhorses, and vices and how they can aid in processing fuel and other materials. Other topics will include plant and tree identification, firecraft, cutting tool safety, food procurement and preservation, camp maintenance, simple pioneering as well as several different knots, notches and lashings on top of some handcrafted projects at the end of the course. Students will walk away with the knowledge of how to construct a basecamp to share in a community or as individuals in the wild.


SKU: BB202406
  • Customers will be required to sign a liability waiver upon arrival to the course.


    • Carbon Steel Knife

    • Folding Saw or Bucksaw

    • Hatchet

    • Combination Tool like a Leatherman or SAK

    • Utility Cordage

    • Auger

    • Hook Knife


    • Sleep System (Tent/Hammock)

    • Headlamp with Spare Batteries

    • Proper Clothing for Season and Weather

    • Leather Gloves

    • Cookware for personal meals

    • water container

    • food/snacks

    • Hygiene items and Medications

    • Notebooks and Pencils

    • Combination Tool like a Leatherman or SAK

    • Cargo Tape for Repair