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NOTE: If you are purchasing this course directly from Wildcard Wilderness' page than you are buying a private course. Please email to confirm dates and location before purchase.


Women’s Wilderness Weekend is a course directed towards women of all ages to encourage more female participation in the field of bushcraft and survival. This class is catered to students from all skill levels and no experience is required. Whether you are a proclaimed survivalist, a weekend bushcrafter, a homesteader, an ultralight hiker, or just a general every day woodswoman this class is designed to promote a sense of community through our shared love of nature. On Day 1 we will learn to take care of our immediate needs in wilderness survival as we discuss self-aid, fire, water and shelter. Day 2 we will build on top of these skills as we explore wilderness living and make cordage, containers, fire and shelter entirely off the landscape. Other topics will include food procurement, self-defense, hygiene, and signaling for rescue. This class is for participants who desire to both learn and grow, as well as how to develop a sense of resilience through self-reliance in both community and as individuals in the wild. 

Women's Wilderness Weekend

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